Hello. Let me introduce myself.

My name is Joanne Heap and I have been a practising counsellor for 23 years. I counsel from non domestic counselling premises in Southampton.

So how might counselling help you?

At times in life we can feel stuck or feel unable to manage with life events such as changes in family dynamics, life/births, changes in relationships separation/divorce/marriage, changes in life style, relocation/redundancies, a traumatic event or we may experience a recurrence of unresolved grief or trauma that has been triggered by a life event. Counselling gives you the opportunity to explore, verbalise and normalise your feelings in a safe, non judgemental environment. Counselling can offer you the opportunity to gain new insights to your issues and help you learn the tools to manage your issues, empowering you to feel you that you can manage and move on with your life again. 

I offer individual and couple counselling, integrative counselling, CBT, trauma counselling and psychological first aid (PFA) for critical incident's.